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Colegio Ameyali

Middle School Education

Middle School Education

"Education should mean the development of human beings whose feet are firmly planted on the earth, whose thoughts reach up to heaven, and there they perceive the truth, and in whose hearts heaven and earth meet."
~Friedrich Froebel.

During this stage of life for students, there are major biological and social relationship changes. Our middle school in Puerto Vallarta is committed to develop skills that distinguish our graduates as they move on to high school and college education. Despite the complexity of the curriculum, at this level of education we continue to focus on skill sets and creative development. We know that understanding the importance of adhering to rules, order, respect, critical thinking and respectful freedom of speech will allow our students to build their identity as democratic and creative citizens.



  • - From 7:00 a.m. to 2:25 p.m.

Middle School Studies

Spanish Spanish Spanish
Math Math Math
Biology Civics and Ethics Civics and Ethics
Geography History History
Sustainable Development Physic Chemistry
English English English
Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education
Computing Computing Computing
Intellectual Abilities Intellectual Abilties Intellectual Abilties
Dance Dance Dance
Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence
Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts
Mathematical Reasoning Mathematical Reasoning Mathematical Reasoning
Linguistic Reasoning Linguistic Reasoning Linguistic Reasoning

Other Activities and Workshops (held after classes)

  • - Academic Tutoring
  • - Sports or Art Workshops
  • - Robotics workshop

Annual activities

  • - Day of the Dead Festival
  • - Christmas Festival
  • - Civic Observances and Holidays
  • - Science Fair
  • - Student's Day Activities
  • - Mother's Day Event
  • - Father's Day Event
  •  -Public Classes
  • - Parent Conferences
  • - Camping and Field Trips
  • - Public speech and Poetry Exhibitions
  • - Theatre