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Colegio Ameyali

Elementary School

Elementary Education

"Schools must not lose interest in the moral and civic education of children, as this training is not only necessary but essential, because without it there cannot be authentic human development."
~Celestin Freinet.

Ameyali elementary school education understands the dilemma that parents have at this stage in the school life of their children. On the one hand, they want their children to develop life skills and on the other, they want their children to be children, to enjoy and play throughout their childhood. Our elementary school in Puerto Vallarta addresses this duality through activities and teaching strategies that promote the participation of all our students in an inclusive environment, combining learning with children's need for movement and play.



  • - Classes from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • - We welcome students from 7:40 a.m.

Elementary Curriculum

1° & 2° 4° to 6°
Spanish Spanish Spanish
English English English
Math Math Math
Exploring Nature and Society Natural Science Natural Science
Civics and Ethics Civics and Ethics Civics and Ethics
Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education
Music Music Music
Ecology (Projects) Ecology (Projects) Ecology (Projects)
Motor Skills Motor Skills Motor Skills
  Social Studies of the State of Jalisco Geography

Other activities and on-going workshops (held after classes):

  • - Visual Arts
  • - Pop Dance
  • - Folk Dance
  • - Choir (introductory and advanced)
  • - Science Club (from 3rd)
  • - Geometry Club (just 5th)
  • - Robotics (starting in 4th grade)
  • - Academic tutoring
  • - English tutoring 

Annual Activities

  • - Day of the Dead Festival
  • - Christmas Festival
  • - Civic Observances and Holidays
  • - Science Fair
  • - Day at the River
  • - Children's Day - Week program
  • - Mother's Day Event
  • - Father's Day Event
  • - Various Competitions
  • - Public classes
  • - Matrogimnastics
  • - Field Trips
  • - Camping trip
  • - Parent's school 
  • - Conferences