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Colegio Ameyali

Philosophy and Mission


Our philosophy at Colegio Ameyali is to ensure the harmonious development of students. Through the use of well-established educational tools we provide early childhood and middle school education in an inclusive, warm and personal atmosphere.


Transcend society as a vanguard institution in comprehensive educational services, promoting the harmonious development of people.


  • Responsibility: We encourage and value the fulfillment of our obligations.
  • Productivity: We conduct our business in a manner to achieve the best possible results and quality.
  • Honesty: We are truthful in all that we do, showing respect and trusting ourselves and others.
  • Spirit of Service: An attitude of cooperation and collaboration to bring better results to all.
  • Loyalty: Having a commitment to what we say and do and to defend and be faithful to our students, parents and business.
  • Respect: We believe and recognize the interests and feelings of others, accepting diversity.
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