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Colegio Ameyali

About us

About us

Colegio Ameyali is a learning community that fosters the growth of our students through activities that nurture and develop mind, body and spirit.

Colegio Ameyali is distinguished from other private schools in Puerto Vallarta by the active and enthusiastic participation of our large family of students, parents and colleagues, an essential component of both our current and long term success.

For 25 years, our bilingual private school in Puerto Vallarta has specialized in providing comprehensive preschool, elementary and middle school education; stimulating reasoning and multiple intelligences in a playful atmosphere that strengthens expression in all its forms and encourages a deep respect and appreciation for the natural environment.

In today's world, a strong command of the English language is vital and we are committed to cultivating academic excellence in Spanish and English to celebrate the multiculturalism of our globalized world. In addition, we promote the efficient use of information technology in our students.

At Colegio Ameyali Puerto Vallarta we focus on integrating values such as respect, honesty and responsibility into our student’s daily life and interactions with ecological and humanitarian activities, to contribute to the betterment of our community and world through our activities.

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