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Colegio Ameyali

Colegio Ameyali is a Puerto Vallarta private school which offers preschool, elementary and middle school bilingual education. It was founded in 1992 with an educational vision dedicated to the harmonious development of mind, body and spirit. Colegio Ameyali sets itself apart from other international schools in Puerto Vallarta with its strong focus on promoting creativity in children, as well as critical thinking, respect for nature, happiness and a friendly environment. We provide students with a well-rounded bilingual school education in an atmosphere of respect, collaboration and community learning.

Education Levels

Preschool Education

Ameyali preschool education encourages the curious nature of children and their ability to reason and solve problems.

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Elementary Education

Ameyali elementary school curriculum includes teaching strategies that combine learning with play.

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Middle School Education

Ameyali middle school education emphasizes learning skills sets and the development of creativity.

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